Three brands, one common goal

Each of our brands has a distinct product portfolio, perfectly tailored to the needs of animals, veterinarians and pet parents.
Together they create the widest range of products on the market supporting the health and well-being of animals.



Based on evidence.

Based on evidence, the commitment of the
VET EXPERT brand, signifies effectiveness - the formulations of VET EXPERT products are created by the leading experts in the veterinary industry. The product effectiveness is confirmed by scientific research.

The VET EXPERT brand portfolio includes professional supplements, diets, cosmetics, and diagnostic tests.

VET EXPERT supplements are the number one choice in veterinary recommendations* - they are the most commonly recommended and trusted by veterinarians (Poland, Romania). They stand out for their palatability and ease of use.

*Kantar Study (Poland and Romania), 2021 year.

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Following the Instinct.

Natural vitality and health. Even living in an urban jungle, your dog and cat does not lose its primal needs. Understanding their needs, we have created a rich in fresh meat food. A simple composition, appropriately selected functional additives.

RAW PALEO – reflecting dogs and cats nutritional needs on every life stage.

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Dangerously delicious!

Treats for a sweet mischief-maker! Dangerously delicious, they will steal every pet's heart! A treat is a delicacy that can keep both dogs and cats entertained.

The MR. BANDIT product line includes a selection of products for dogs: meat treats, training treats, natural treats, dental treats, accessories and cats: creamy mousses, crunchy pockets, juicy rolls and pure fillets.

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